Mission & Vision

Our aim is to provide quality learning experiences for all children, which are well thought-out, objective and pertinent to them and related to the real world. At our school your child will experience a holistic and balanced curriculum which will be differentiated to suit his or her abilities, interests and personality. When planning lessons and activities, our emphasis is on fun, enjoyment and challenge. We aim to promote your child to take up a positive attitude towards learning which will provide a firm basis for their future education. That’s why we provide a curriculum which takes account of, and responds to, the child’s individual developmental need and allows them to make progress related to their different abilities.

We aspire our students to achieve the qualities which the name of our school (EPIC) stands for, Excellence, Power, Intelligence and Creativity, along with a very fundamental virtue, which is called Value. It is this virtue which would help them become true human being in every respect.