Principal’s Message

Dr. Sanjukta Saha (MA, MBA, PhD)
Former Assistant Professor, IMS, Ghaziabad

We at EPIC Public School (EPS) recognize the need of a strong foundation at the elementary level. This is the time to build the foundations for inculcating good habits, work ethics, sensitivity towards their surroundings and environment, respect for rules and a code of conduct, pride in their culture, love for their fellow friends and commitment to a cause. I, on behalf of the Principal and my faculty members of the school, promise you that we will make every effort towards fulfilling these goals, provide challenging learning opportunities and accommodate the needs of all students in a secure milieu. It is our mission to help our students reach their highest potential in becoming responsible, productive citizens, life-long learners and messengers of peace in collaboration with parents and the community.

Education does not mean memorising certain things only. It means helping the pupil with the means to find the solutions for himself and within himself. Education allows students to discover themselves - who they are as people. Within each student is a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, a social activist, a sports person, an environmentalist, a poet, an author or an economist. The teachers guide them in channelizing resources vis-a-vis their dreams thus, sustainably generating civilized and productive human capital for serving our motherland. I, along with my team at EPS intend to build on this strong foundation and raise the standards to the highest level. Besides being an able administrator, my objective is to be a friend, philosopher and guide to all my students. I can assure you that my doors will always be open to the students and their parents for any suggestion or guidance.